NDTA Awards / Recognition

Our Chapter and its members continually distinguish themselves within NDTA and the Distribution Community. We proudly recognize the efforts of our members and Chapter as a whole.

2012 National Awards

The final award winners were announced by NDTA Headquarters, and were recognized at the National Forum in Anchorage, AK September 22-26 2012.

Scott St Louis Chapter 82 was recognized as the Category III Chapter of the year.

The Scott-St. Louis Chapter is recognized as the NDTA International Chapter of the Year for its outstanding service to their local community, the NDTA, and the United States. The chapter had a banner year, serving chapter members, sponsors, the community, the Department of Defense, as well as Headquarters NDTA, and leading by example. It started the year by co-hosting Technet/Cyberlog Mid-America, hosting well over 700 attendees and sponsors; the chapter's participation drove a convergence between logistics and information technology. Technet had many distinguished speakers and provided widespread recognition for the NDTA.

In August, chapter members reached out to the tornado-struck community of Joplin, Missouri, spending the day re-organizing stocks and supporting the relief effort. Later in the month the Chapter went on to co-sponsor and participate in a work day for a local homeless veterans' shelter, where members painted over twenty six closets and other areas, and donated over one-thousand dollars for general repairs. In December, the chapter developed new relationships with the local community, established a first-ever holiday toy drive and birthday recognition program, where children, who would have gone without, received presents through over one-thousand dollars and two hundred donated items.

The chapter brought its world class website online and ran a first-rate National Transportation Week complete with a luncheon and career day, scholarship awards dinner, and benefit golf outing, which raised over $12,000 for scholarships and veterans outreach support. The activities of the past year truly epitomize what it means to be an NDTA Chapter in terms of community outreach, DOD support, member support and recruiting, A-35 activity, and engaging Chapter sponsors. The distinctive accomplishments of the men and women of the Scott-St. Louis Chapter are representative of the highest ideals held by the National Defense Transportation Association, and as such, they richly deserve recognition with the NDTA International Chapter of the Year Award.

Major Jason Okumura, USAF was recognized as the Young Executive of the Year (Military)

Major Jason Okumura, USAF was recognized as the Young Executive of the Year (Military)

Major Jason K. Okumura is the Deputy Branch Chief of the Standardization, Programs, and Resources within the Air Mobility Command (AMC) Air Transportation Division. He manages 24 military and civilian personnel responsible for standardization, training, and equipping 14,000 transporters at 46 AMC locations. He masterfully managed the Department of Defense aircraft Pallet & Net operational stock, serving as the focal point for world-wide accountability and distribution of $190M in aircraft pallets, nets, and devices.

Major Okumura led 390 Airmen and Contractors as the Director of Operations at an Expeditionary Air Mobility Squadron in the United States Central Command area of responsibility. His leadership drove safe movement of over 5,000 global airlift missions, transporting 200,000 passengers and 60,000 tons of mission essential cargo. Additionally, Major Okumura took the lead in coordinating United States Transportation Command and AMC development of an air node capability modeling tool. His efforts standardized strategic and operational transportation plans, and accurately modeled resource requirements.

Furthermore, he earned the Advanced Logistics Readiness Officers Course Outstanding Research Paper Award for his research in Global Mobility Command Authority and was published in the Exceptional Release logistics journal. Finally, Major Okumura's nomination for the 521st Air Mobility Operations Wing Lance P. Sijan Leadership Award exemplified his professionalism and leadership qualities. He is a highly respected member of the Air Force logistics community and is truly deserving of this year's National Defense Transportation Association's Young Executive of the Year Award.

The following chapter members were recognized with Distinguished Service Awards:

Mr. Mike Carnes

Mr. Mike Carnes

For this period, as in previous years, Mike Carnes has continued his selfless service, adding to an already impressive list of Chapter contributions compiled throughout the years.  His dedication and enthusiastic efforts in support of all Chapter activities is the heartbeat of this organization. His tireless energy and can do attitude continues to be the driving force in maintaining the momentum of improvements our Scholarship program has experienced.

As Scholarship Chairperson, his leadership once again has been the primary factor in the program exceeding expectations. As a direct result of his efforts, the Chapter Scholarship Fund has grown to   $18,000. His meticulous supervision of the program, which includes sending out several thousand scholarship announcements, leadership of the scholarship award selection boards and coordination of the awards ceremony, ensures the best and brightest students are selected and recognized.

Ms. Kristin Martin-Wakefield

Ms. Kristin Martin-Wakefield


Ms. Martin-Wakefield has made significant contributions to our NDTA program.  Her enthusiasm, energy, and inspired creativity have been essential in developing a program with a NDTA message that resonates with young professionals in Scott/St Louis area.

As A-35 Chairperson, she organized an extremely robust schedule of Mentor-Protégé, Industry tour, and membership events that have significantly increased young professionals’ interest in the NDTA and as a result, has significantly increased the Chapter’s A35 membership. Kristin also nearly unilaterally brought our A-35 organization into the world of social media, establishing a Chapter 82 A-35 presence on LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter.

Serving as our de facto Outreach Program chair as well, Kristen led an extremely successful and first-known holiday season toy drive using the theme “To You, From Me…Let’s Put Presents Under the Tree!”  Under her leadership, A-35 set up distribution centers with three NDTA corporate sponsors and collected over $1,000 in donations and nearly 200 presents for children who receive assistance from the Children’s Foundation. Additionally, she took the initiative even farther by reaching out to the Chapter with a “adopt a child” program where members could sponsor local needy child by providing basic necessities. Her efforts were so successful that all indentified children were “adopted”. This initiative was not only great for the kids and our community, but provided positive public relations exposure for the Chapter in the local community media. During NT Week, Ms. Martin-Wakefield led our NT Week Poster competition obtaining both first and second place winners at the NDTA HQ National-level completion.  Stepping in as program Chair, she took on the challenge of planning our Annual Joint AFCEA/NDTA luncheon then flawlessly executed it.

Mr. David McClean.

Mr. David McClean

Mr. McClean has made significant contributions to our NDTA program through his selfless devotion of personal time and enthusiastic efforts in support of all Chapter activities. When there is a need, Dave is ready to take on the challenge. He approached every task with inspired creativity and tremendous energy, and has been a primary factor in every successful outcome.

As Chairman for the Chapter’s highlighted NDTA Week Golf Benefit Outing, our Chapter’s most complicated event to execute, Dave demonstrated an unsurpassed level of organizational leadership and synchronization skill in the planning, coordination and execution of our this most successful event to date. He persuasively led the way in coordinating sponsorship contributions and donations in support of the Golf Benefit Outing, raising over $12,000 for the Chapter 82 Scholarship Fund. The resounding success of this event, the primary fiscal contributor to key Chapter philanthropic programs, allows us to maintain a high level of support to activities like the Scholarship Program and support to the Joseph House, a support organization for Homeless veterans. Without this event’s successful execution our chapter would be unable to reach out to the community as we currently do.

Mr. McClean’s exceptional performance is indicative of his dedication and adherence to NDTA’s values. His demonstrated commitment to making a difference through leadership and community involvement is worthy of emulation and clearly identifies him as an invaluable member that continuously supports with enthusiasm and vigor any requirement presented.

Mr. Ralph Percival

Mr. Ralph Percival

For decades, Mr. Percival has tirelessly supported the NDTA at National, Local, and Regional levels. His dedicated and enthusiastic efforts in support of all Chapter activities continued to be the driving force in maintaining the momentum of improvements to our Chapter and its programs. He routinely approached every task with inspired creativity, sage leadership and tremendous energy.

As current NDTA State Vice President for Missouri and Chaplain, NDTA Chapter 82 (Scott-St. Louis), Ralph has been a tireless advocate and champion for the transportation industry, the Department of Defense, and NDTA.   A consummate leader and voice of corporate knowledge in the St. Louis transportation industry, the NDTA has been fortunate to have his breadth and depth of experience carrying the NDTA message to Industry and the community.  As an example of his leadership supporting the NDTA and the greater St. Louis transportation community, Ralph is perennially the leader of our effort to get National Transportation (NT) Week recognized at local, state, and National levels through senior leader signatures on the NT Week proclamation and public signings.

Ralph’s devotion to selfless service, sterling leadership and intense devotion to community involvement are singularly representative of the NDTA values.  Year after year, he has proven himself an invaluable member who continuously supports with enthusiasm and vigor any requirement presented.  Mr. Percival has immeasurably and positively impacted NDTA with his many years of exceptional service at the National, Regional, State, and Local (Chapter) levels. Volunteer extraordinaire, he truly has proven he is first among equals.