THE NATIONAL DEFENSE TRANSPORTATION ASSOCIATION (NDTA) is a non-political, non-profit educational association of government, military, and industry professionals dedicated to fostering a strong and efficient global transportation and distribution system in support of national security. NDTA promotes exchange on current matters of transportation, travel, distribution, logistics and security, allowing for knowledge sharing in a non-partisan, fair, and objective environment. Over 9,000 members around the world participate, and are able to discuss critical issues openly in a professional atmosphere consistent with the principles of government ethics and without commercial trade constraints. Results are shared with various interested parties. NDTA is a tax exempt organization, fully recognized federally by the Internal Revenue Service.

VISION: To be the world’s leading professional association for individuals working in the global transportation/distribution system and related industries so that we may maximize our contribution to the national security and economic growth of the United States.

MISSION: To foster a strong and efficient global transportation and distribution system in support of the economy and national security of the United States by:

  • Advancing the knowledge and science of transportation/distribution within government and industry
  • Facilitating knowledge sharing of transportation/distribution between government and industry
  • Educating members on important issues affecting global transportation/distribution


  • Foster safety, improvements and change in transportation, distribution, logistics, travel, & security processes or systems
  • Create and foster strategic communication among military, government, academia, labor and the private sector to enhance the primary missions of the Departments of Defense, Transportation and Homeland Security (DOD), (DOT), (DHS)
  • Create value for our members
  • Strengthen and expand the Association
  • Ensure a motivated and trained staff with excellent equipment and facilities